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UTH provides a variety of services in liquid waste transport and disposal.  These include tasks such as industrial wastes, which can be stored in pits, tanks, or bunded areas.  These wastes can be, but not restricted to, wash down waters, automotive coolants, soluble oil,  electroplating wastes, and more.

24-hour Emergency Response

UTH's 7 day, 24 hour hotline ensures customers can contact us via our telephone divert system, any day, any time.

Corrosive Liquid Transport and Disposal

The UTH fleet consists of various configurations from 316 grade stainless steel, mildsteel and fibreglass.These units are fitted with various pump configurations which can accommodate most corrosive liquid transfer and transport applications.

General Liquid Transport

UTH transports and transfers many types of liquids, from non-hazardous to outright dangerous, UTH can accommodate most types of liquids.

Grease Trap Waste Pump Outs

Greasetrap cleaning involves the safe removal of lids, pump out of greasy waste, scraping down and water washing of internal pit walls and divider plates. All residual matter is removed, and lids are safely replaced on completion.

Cleaning of:

Galvanizing and metal prep wastes, etc.

Confined Space Entry

UTH staff can observe the safe entry of confined space workers, as well as the entry of confined spaces at our customer's sites in order to complete cleanouts of tanks or pits.

Water Treatment Plant Maintenance

UTH utilizes vacuum trucks to extract materials in order for Waste Water Treatment Plants to have maintenance completed.

Super Suckers

When the task is too hard for our conventional vacuum tanker, UTH brings in the ultra high vacuum super suckers, which can handle high solid content material and even dust.

High Pressure Water Blasting

When your pit or tank walls need pressure washing, we can arrange the drain cleaning or high pressure water blaster to complete the task safely.

Pipe Clearing and Cleaning

For blocked drains or pipes, UTH can provide the services of a pipe or drain cleaner.

Storage Tank Maintenance Service

If you have one or many on site storage tanks that need to be emptied for maintenance, repair or cleaning, UTH can supply a clean tanker to extract the material, hold it “on board” one of our vehicles until the maintenance task is completed, then return the product to the storage tank.

Vacuum Loading Tankers

UTH can, under vacuum, extract material from various situations.

Dangerous Goods Transport Approved

Utilizing purpose built tankers, UTH is actively involved in the freight and handling of Dangerous Goods.

EPA Licensed

UTH is licensed with the EPA to transport new Dangerous Goods products and to transport Waste Liquids.  Our tank vessels are compliant with the Australian Dangerous Goods code. All trucks carry spill kits and have Insurance coverage as required by the EPA.

Fully Insured and Accredited

To complete the scope of work we are actively involved in, our Insurance Cover incorporates Products, Public Liability, Workers Compensation, Marine Cargo and Motor Vehicle Insurances.


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